September 6, 2021
Nutrition for bouldering performance

what does it mean to be “properly fuelled”? and what do we need to consider from a nutritional perspective? Today, I’ll explain the science behind food suggestions and provide both nutritious and delicious food examples.

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July 5, 2021
Nerve Mobility in Climbing

Your body is a crazy complex machine - and when you start to zoom in a little further and look at the ridiculous bundle of nerves that your brain uses to talk to the rest of the body, it gets even more complex

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February 24, 2020
Handcare for Climbers - The Essential Guide 2020

Everyone knows that climbing is tough on your hands and that looking after them is essential. There’s more to it than just washing, drying and moisturizing too.

A proper hand care routine is vital when you’re a climber so that you can climb at your best, climb safely, and get the most out of your climb. Hand care for climbers starts before you even begin to climb.

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December 29, 2019
Stretching for Tight Hips

Have you ever thought that maybe your hips are stopping you from climbing higher grades? Climb fit's fitness Guru Nina walks us through stretching for tight hips

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