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The Sydney Climbing Series explained...

Q: A Top Rope comp? Really? Yass!

A: So exciting! The last Top Rope comp was the Tour de Corde back in 2019. This is going to be so fun! Just bring a belayer, or team up with a friend and compete together. We can do a belay lesson for any newbies and will provide a harness for them too.

Q: What age/level can compete?

A: This is open to everyone! It’s very social and we can help you pick the correct category for you on the day.

From youths, to masters - there is something for you. Check the full list of categories now, or let us kelp you on the day.

  • Open - open to all climbers

  • Rookie- open to all climbers with less than 1 year’s experience climbing on ropes

  • Inclusive- open to all climbers

  • Masters – born 1984 and before

  • Youth A – born 2007/2008

  • Youth B – born 2009/2010

  • Youth C – born 2011/2012

  • Youth D – born 2013/2014

  • Youth E – born 2015 or after (note: experienced younger climbers who wish to compete at a higher level are welcome to join in with the youth D category)

Q: When is it? And where?

A: The first event kicks off this weekend!

Sat 29th June - Climb Fit, St Leonards - DONE 

Then there are 3 more events:

27th July - Syd Indoor Climbing Gym, St Peters

17th August - Climb Fit, Kirrawee

And FINALS will be on 1st September - Syd Indoor Climbing Gym, Villawood

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Q: When you say “comp” what does that actually mean?

It’s a social, self-scoring comp. No pressure!

You will have 2.5 hours to complete as many climbs as you like - and you submit your 5 best PLUS there will be 2 FLASH climbs that you need to attempt. Your category will determine which ones you do on the day!


  • At each event there will be 2 routes per category with points awarded at different stages up the route. These are the Flash Lines
  • Throughout the pumpfest, every climber has 1 attempt (only) at each of  the 2 Flash Lines (Youth E will only have 1 Flash Line) specified for their category. The climber adds their scores on the Flash Lines to their score sheet.
  • The Flash Line routes will be similar grades to state titles. Giving the climbers a taste of the grades and the setting style.
  • The scoring on the Flash Lines is similar to Olympic format scoring with points getting exponentially higher as the climb progresses. 
  • Scoring holds will clearly marked so the climbers and spectators can see the points as the climbers progress.


  • In addition to their attempt on the Flash Line, climbers also complete their 5 highest scoring routes from the rest of the climbs in the gym.
  • Points are only gained from completing the climb in one attempt from the bottom.
  • Standard Pumpfest rules apply; no hanging to work moves, unlimited attempts providing the climbers waits their turn in the queue. 
  • Self-scoring is used for both the Pumpfest and the Flash Line routes with the climbers adding up their own score at the end

Q: How do I sign up?

It would be great if you could register online beforehand - but sign ups on the day are fine too.

We will help you select your category on the day. Rego will be open an hour before your start time, so feel free to come early and warm up, grab a coffee and get yourself ready for the pumpfest!


Q: How much is it?

Just $30 for a single event 

We will even throw in harness hire and a belay lesson for your belayer if they need it.


Q: What time do I need to be there?


2:00pm Youth Categories start

3:30pm Youth E finish climbing

4:00pm Youth Categories finish followed by presentation

5:00pm Open Categories start

7:30pm Open Categories finish followed by presentation

You can always finish up earlier if you run out of puff! We suggest you come around 30-45mins before to register and warm up

What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Photos? Yep, we have some from Round 1 at St Leonards

Check out our PHOTOS from event 1 at Climb Fit St Leonards.

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