Timing your hang session

If you’re anything like me when it comes to exercise, you need clear-cut instructions and no-fuss layouts to get through your workout successfully.

When it comes to hang board training, there are already enough little bits and pieces that can go wrong or get in the way.

For the tech-savvy out there I’ve thrown together a few of the most popular hang-timer options (most are free or only a couple of bucks) to have a look at and remove some of those barriers to getting off of the couch and onto your hangboard! 

Your Clock or Stopwatch 

Sounds like a no brainer – use a clock, right? It’s simple and can be a good, no-fuss alternative for those of us not technically inclined or lucky enough to have a world of apps at our fingertips. If you’re working on a protocol that uses increments of 10 seconds, it becomes straightforward – for example 7:3, 6:4 repeaters, or max hangs of 10 seconds with a long rest. 

Outside of this though it can get complicated if you’re spending your hangs trying to figure out when you should get back on, or you forget to let go because you were trying to do some quick math. 

If at the end of all this you choose to stick with a clock or still find your stopwatch more aesthetically pleasing than any of these apps, take this tip: 

Write/print out a run sheet of the sets and reps you’ll be doing, and what times you’re working with. It’ll make keeping track of your session a breeze and serve as an excellent record of your progress in the future. 

Basic Timer Apps 

These are great options if you want something simple, and might want to use the app for anything other than hang training (see blog on how to run your home HIIT class). Pick one that you like the look and sound of (those beeps will eventually become music to your ears) and go for it. 

Impetus Interval Timer (Android only) 

This app is just one in a slew of essential timer apps like it, but this is my personal choice of timer app because it blends usability with simplicity very well. 

The app has bright colours on the screen, and very audible beeps let you know when you should be working or resting. As a timer app with such broad applicability, it can be a little fiddly to set up – but once you get going, you’ll be able to create custom templates and label all your sets so that you know precisely where in your workout you should be. 

If you’re planning on running varied hang sessions or other workouts, you’ll want the paid version as the free version only allows you to save a single template. Though you may find it’s enough to change the template as you progress. 

As a bonus, the app provides an option of counting you in and reading aloud which set you’re up to, and nothing is more motivating than having your robot-lady coach tell you where you’re at. 

These interval timers allow you to fully customise your workout for sets, reps, rest etc. 

If you like the sound of this, but you’re an Apple user, look for Interval Timer on the App Store. It’s a very similar app with most of the same features, if not more aesthetically pleasing (which is essential to the Apple user) and even has integration to control your music through the app. 

Beastmaker App 

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a Beastmaker 1000 or 2000 but haven’t figured out your hang protocols yet, then you’re in luck. 

Beastmaker has created an app (for Android and Apple) for use with their hangboards which gives you full hang sessions, along with visuals for the different grip positions and ‘graded’ workouts to allow for increasing difficulty making jumping into your workout super simple.

If you’re after something more specific, the app also has a customisable timer. The only thing I dislike about this app is the audio – the soft piano sounds which signal when to begin/end a hang get drowned out pretty quickly by music or even ambient noise. Hence, you’re best to keep the app in plain sight where you can use the distinct alternating red/green background colours as your cue. 

Beastmaker has done a great job of making sure you don’t get lost with their clear images. 

Crimpd App 

Put bluntly; this is the holy grail of climbing apps. 

Created by the crew at Lattice Training, Crimpd generously includes workouts to complement all aspects of your climbing & training program along with the option to log what you’ve done - a great way to track your progress. 

With a plethora of tips, workouts and drills you can add into your regime, it’s a must-have for your home workouts; however due to its immense detail, you can get lost in the app fairly quickly.

The hang workouts are detailed and run on an in-app timer, which has clear audible beeps and colour coding to keep you on track. They aren’t customisable though, so you’ll want to know what workout to pick and run with that; this is easy enough to do though, as there’s a search feature within the app. Get going for Android or Apple. 

The Crimpd App from Lattice Training has a lot of prescriptive workouts – it’s all you need for your home workouts

These are just a few of the options you have available to you, and all come with their pros & cons. 

Try a couple out and see what works for your situation – if you haven’t got somewhere you can see your phone while hanging, something with clear audible cues might be better. Or, if you haven’t figured out how to design your hang workout yet, maybe one of the more structured apps is for you. 

Either way, the old saying holds: the best training program is the one you’ll stick to. So pick something that will help remove the barriers and help you choose not to be a couch potato! 

If you’re after some beginner-friendly tips on how to hang with proper form, I recently created a video with a mini-workout that you can follow along with. 

Find it here – happy hanging! 

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