Bouldering extension at Kirrawee

new bouldering extension

You all asked for it.

MORE BOULDERING (30% more actually)

In 2024 our NEW Walltopia bouldering walls will be built down in the back corner of the gym. Please check back on this page for updates as we go. It's a big project to build new walls while a gym is still open to the public, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Bouldering extension update: as of Nov 17th 2023

**** This timeline is rough and subject to change. Check back here (or on social media) for updates.

Friday 17th November

The top rope vertical wall has been stripped. It will be back soon!

Monday 20th November

The training rig will be dismantled. This will be out of use for 2 weeks while construction is on. We have set up some hang boards in the gym for you to use for now. 

Tuesday 21st November

The team from Walltopia will arrive to dismantle the vertical top rope walls (from opposite the Kilter Board). This will be moved to its new home where the training rig was. This noisy, dusty construction will likely take 2 weeks.

2 weeks later

Our vertical top rope walls will be re-set and back to normal - in its new location. The training rig will be re-installed in it's new home close to the kilter board.


Walls are in production at the Walltopia factory in Bulgaria. Then they get shipped out by sea and will arrive early 2024 (estimated around March)

March 2024

Walltopia team come to build the NEW BOULDERING WALLS



bouldering extension

Top view - New Bouldering walls will be down the back of the gym,  opposite the Kilter Board.

new boulders kirrawee

Construction Photos... coming soon

Video..... coming soon


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