We Have it all under one roof

Setting WEEKLY - 25 new top rope climbing routes & 15 new Bouldering problems
Our experienced team of route setters have the job of designing climbs that challenge you both physically and mentally. They have the ability to produce a wide range of different climbs, meaning you continue to improve your technique and performance.

  • Over 160 rock climbing routes

  • Over 90 boulder problems - all in an area used only for bouldering

  • Training area - Campus board, hang boards, rings and chin up bar

  • 3 Auto belays

  • 3 ladders including our GIANT log ladder

  • Cargo net and Rope Climb

  • Lead routes over 15 metres long

  • The Groove Tube - 25 metres of caving tunnels. Perfect for kids.

  • Slabs , overhangs, roof climbs, cracks (finger, off width), plus chimney climbs

  • Adjustable Treadwall - our vertical treadmill

  • Over 15 different brands of handholds plus loads of features and volumes

  • Check out our GYM and Classes

Friday 31st May - lights out from 6pm. byo headlamp