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Fascia Roller Workshop- FULL

Spaces filling Fast!

With Vicky Chapman 

If you have a Foam roller and no idea how to use it beyond IT band and thigh releasing this is the workshop for you.... we will roll from your feet to your head getting into all the common problem areas and some new places you never dreamed of reaching.

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn techniques to self massage different areas of the body to release tension from the deeper tissues (fascia) as well as the surface muscles... incorporating the foam roller and a tennis/black ball we will work through the body finding the juicy areas.

By using a foam roller correctly, you can reach the deep tissue the covers every muscle and muscle group in the body.

All fascia is made up mostly of collagen, one of the most common proteins in the body and water.  We make collagen every day of our lives and use it both to repair our connective tissue as well as create the connections and links from one part of the system to the other. Collagen fibres are also responsible for repairing damaged tissue, when inflammation from injury acts as a signal for the system to produce more cells.
Fascia connects us from head to toe and provides stability and structure to our body. Tightness in the fascia can create abnormal muscle patterns and can cause poor alignment of the body and its structures. Pulling on the joints, it can then cause pain and nerve impingement, often resulting in injury. Fascia can’t be stretched in the way that a jumper can.  In order to elongate tissues such as fascia, sustained pressure and lots of time are needed. 

COST $30 - Book at Reception PLUS $80 for a roller (or bring your own)

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