We have over 160 climbs - with the majority of our vertical climbs being 8.5 metres high. From the smaller and less intimidating kids wall, to the steep overhangs and never-ending lead wall, we have climbing suitable for everyone - novices to legends.


  • Over 90 boulder problems - all in an area used only for bouldering
  • Training area includes campus board, hang boards and chin up bar
  • 3 ladders including our GIANT log ladder
  • Cargo net, big rope and monkey bars
  • NEW The Groove Tube - 20 metres of caving tunnels. Perfect for kids!
  • Slabs - walls that lean in, overhangs, roof climbs, cracks (finger, off width)
  • Chimney
  • Tread wall - our vertical treadmill

We would like to point out that the holds (rocks) are not just put on the wall anywhere. They are strategically placed to make you move dynamically or maintain a position with balance, finesse and power.



New Routes Set WEEKLY

Every week, our route setters put up 20-25 new TOP ROPE routes (Set on Mondays) and up to 15 new BOULDER problems (set on Tuesdays).

Our experienced team of route setters have the job of designing climbs that challenge you both physically and mentally. They have the ability to produce a wide range of different climbs, meaning you continue to improve your technique and performance.

See our “Classics of the Week” board in the reception area - where our route setters let you know which climbs they think are the pick of the bunch.


COMING SOON: The Balance LAB 2017

The Balance LAB - A Fusion of all Things B A L A N C E

Join us for a Playful Night of Workshops run by some of the Best in the Industry - with a focus on Balance (and Fun)





Watch the full video from our 2016 Event HERE



Held once a year in Winter, this event is not to be missed. Climbing with only your headlamp to guide you and our DJ pumping out tunes, this event is always HUGE!

2016 Pitch Black - Watch the Video HERE

2015 Pitch Black - Watch the video HERE

Photo by Surf2summit Photography - check out more pics HERE

Round 3, SYD Boulder Series at Climb Fit

Another HUGE day with almost 100 NEW boulder problems for everyone to try. Watch the Video HERE

More Photos by Surf to Summit HERE


More Photos by Chris Firth Photography HERE