Beginners Climbing

Climbing is a sport suitable for all fitness levels - from athlete to couch potato. It is an awesome way to get fit for any age, from 4 year olds to 80 year olds. Indoor climbing is not just physical, but also a mental challenge. All you need is a sense of adventure!

PLEASE NOTE: NO BOOKING REQUIRED for less than 10 people. Just drop in with a friend any time you like!

Your First Visit to Climb Fit

RELEASE FORM/Waiver - Everyone new to Climb-fit needs to sign a Release form on arrival. Even if you are not climbing, and just belaying, you will need to sign the form.

Save time and fill in our ONLINE RELEASE Form Here before you come to Climb Fit. You can even do it on your phone.

Follow the prompts and we will print a card out for you when you arrive at Reception.

UNDER 18 years? Your parent needs to fill in the Release form for you. Click Here to fill in the form before you come to Climb Fit

Equipment - Next you will be fitted with a harness. If you have your own harness, our staff will be happy to check it is fitted correctly. For first timers, its best to wear your sports shoes - but if you want to hire shoes, we are happy to fit some for you. Loose, casual clothing is the best option for climbing.

Belay and Safety Instruction - Anyone over 12 years of age can be taught to belay - providing they are given the ok by staff. This lesson takes around 5 minutes and our staff will answer any other questions you may have. The weight difference between you and your partner is not an issue. Any kids under the age of 12 will need an adult to hold the ropes for them. You don’t need to be strong to belay and our staff will show you what to do.

Climbing - After the safety run through, you are free to climb wherever you like.

Our staff can show you some good walls to start on if you are a beginner - or some more challenging walls for those who have more experience. All climbs are colour coded - on one rope there could be up to 5 different routes up the wall.

Click here for more info about our grading and our walls and training facilities

Monday Night Beginner Clinic

For first timers and those new to climbing who want to progress with their technique and skills, or those looking for a new way to get fit. This is a great way to meet potential climbing partners, get to know staff and build a good base for your climbing.

Get in touch to find out our next start date.

7:30pm - 9.00pm
Small group lesson with an instructor
Cost $70 for the 4 lessons

***equipment hire and entry fee each week is additional